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Client Reviews, the 5 Star Difference

I recently received this review from a past client who I helped last year.

They reached out after being referred by another client of mine who they are friends with after already experiencing many difficulties in our Real Estate market for many months.

I quickly leaped into action and in a very short amount of time, had helped them secure a home. Their purchase had a few bumps in the road (spoiler alert: there usually are a few bumpy twists and turns, such is life!) But at every turn, we were able to come to some sort of resolution.

Despite the difficulties that their purchase had, they hired me once again to sell another property. That sale too, faced some very unusual and unexpected outcomes. The fact that they would circle later and share such a wonderful review means so very much to me. I work very hard to streamline the process of buying and selling, share all the information so that my clients can make educated decisions, and carefully plan to avoid any pitfalls. But pitfalls happen. And how we handle the inevitable problems is what matters most.

Loyal clients, treasured referrals, new friends. This job so personal.

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