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Core Values

Fate? Law of Attraction? Manifesting?

What do you call those moments in life when the thing you didn't even know you were looking for walks right through your door? 

Lucky. That's how I feel about moment when I learned that a new opportunity at a different Brokerage was presenting itself to me. I was ready to make a change, but didn't even know where to begin when, seemingly suddenly, Pearson Smith Realty walked into my life. 

Lucky. I am now at a company that is like family; my success is their success. So they offer classes, training, business planning, sharing best practices, and interviewing game-changing agents. It is not an event, it's the norm.

Lucky. To be offered tools and support from some of the savviest colleagues and Brokers in the business, whenever I need them.

Lucky. To share their core values and make them part of Love the Space's business plan and serve my clients in the way they deserve. 

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