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Cross-Country Connections

This story is straight out of the Real Estate books!

I was introduced to this seller from an out-of-state colleague (did you know I have real estate agent partners across the country?)

We met and I developed and #homeprepguide and #timeline that would allow my seller to sell her home on her terms and timeline. Her home and decor were already beautiful, but there is always work to be done when #preparingahometosell My Seller followed my suggestions flawlessly and we executed our #marketingplan to get her home sold quickly and on her terms!

Oftentimes I tell clients, when a home purchase or sale is completely flawless that is the exception, not the rule. While I have many systems in place to troubleshoot, be proactive, and stay ahead of problems, in the end this process deals with humans and homes - some complex things! So we celebrate a bit more when everything goes according to plan!

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