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Dreams Do Come True!

Wow - this one is super special!

This family of were referred to me by some very dear #pastclients of mine who I had tirelessly worked with to help secure their #dreamhome in the Fall of 2020.

Their friends had been searching for a new home since Summer 2020 and were still searching when they reached out to me. As out-of-state buyers, there was an additional hurdle to overcome, I had to be the eyes and ears in the homes for them! And in this tremendously #competitivemarket on top of it!

When this #magazineworthy picture-perfect home with a #pool came on the market, I was on it! I was in to see the home immediately and knew it would be a fit. Befriending the Listing Agent, I worked to structure a win-win offer that ultimately convinced the sellers to take our contract and secure this home for my clients.

Along the (short) road to settlement, there were some unexpected twists along the way (hint: there usually are!) but we continued to work together and were problem-solvers rather than problem-creators, helping everyone get to their desired outcome. Welcome to Virginia!

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