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Fill it Up

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

You guys, I had the very best day!

I was recently asked if I was interested in hosting a Coffee Cart at my children's school. This is a program that we implemented at our former school before we moved so I was familiar with some of the logistics of it and what it might look like. It was a match made in caffeinated heaven. 

The fellow mom who asked me is the most kind hearted, generous, thoughtful, hard working mom I know. She just gives and gives and gives to the school in so many beautiful ways. Not only was I thrilled to accept her request, but I would have the pleasure of working side-by-side with her and have the opportunity to have some of her giving spirit inspire me just a bit more.

So we sent out an email and gathered our coffee supplies and wheeled 3 cart down every hallway to every staff member and teacher in the building.

Here's what we heard:

"Thank you SO much!"

"I was looking forward to this all morning!"

"I had a few extra minutes today since I didn't have to go to Starbuck to get my coffee"

"Can I hug you?"

"Let's take a picture!"

Teachers, I tell you, get this excited about coffee. I filled their cups, they filled my soul. It was a beautiful day. 

Get out there everyone and fill someone up! XOXO

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