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How Can I Be a Resource to You?

We are in some strange times, Friends. We all feel it and know it and have experienced it in many different ways. Among the more common experiences includes limiting our trips to the Grocery Stores and experiencing shortages or simply lack of, certain items.

All this time at home has found us cooking and baking more than ever and we had simply run out of bread yeast. After looking for a few weeks and at a few stores, I took to the internet and ordered a one POUND bag online. Seriously, what am I going to do with a POUND of yeast?

So I asked my friends, my community, and took my surplus to FaceBook and OH. MY. GOODNESS. the outpouring of requests was amazing! Apparently we are ALL at home carbo-loading! So I purchased a few jars and packaged it up to bring to doorsteps throughout the DMV.

How in the world does this connect to Real Estate?

You see, as a local Realtor, I am often

A Connector.

A Resource.

A Getter.

A Server.

I love these parts of this career. Connecting with my community and being a resource and a helper is incredibly satisfying.

How can I serve you?

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