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How Will COVID Impact Local Real Estate?

Dear Friends,

A lot of people have reached out to us in the past few weeks because they are nervous about COVID-19 and how it will impact Real Estate.

Some of these people have been clients who are worried about the value of their home. Others have been worried about attending open houses and searching for homes while maintaining social distancing. Others still are home searchers who want to know if the current market is the right time to buy a home.

Several of you have reached out to me with questions about how this is all going to affect the housing market in the Northern Virginia area -- so I filmed a quick market update to let you know the developments that we have identified so far, as well as our analysis of where the market will likely go in the coming months. 

If you want to move forward with buying or selling your home, we have set up a system of tools to make the process as smooth, stress-free, and safe as possible despite these uncertain times. 

All the best for your safety and health 💌

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