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Revitalization Coming to Cascades Marketplace

An application has been submitted for the “re-introduction” of Cascades Marketplace. All application documents/material scan be found in LOLA under ZMAP-2022-0015.

You can also check out the project website at: Cascades Marketplace ( The interactive site allows you to share Feedback and Subscribe to updates.

This project is promising a refresh of the plaza to include additional retail, restaurants, green space, and housing. At this time, they are proposing around 450 additional housing units. Given the size of the space, likely additional 2/2 Condo units.

Important to Note: This is a separate initiative from the previously announced residential development project: Villas at Cascades in Marketplace between McClellan and Southbank and Whitfield Place. This proposal is slated to include 173 multi-stack (2 over 2) condo units with 1400 square feet in the lower level unit/2400 square feet in the upper level units.

Further, this is in addition to the 160+ 2/2 condos already underway in the former Regal Cinema location in Countryside.

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