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SOLD With a Story - in Cascades

Updated: Apr 30

In beautiful Cascades, an original homeowner faced the challenge of selling her cherished home within a specific timeframe. Impressed by the professionalism and expertise showcased by Carrie during a neighbor's Open House, the homeowner sought her assistance.

Together, they meticulously crafted a strategic plan to prepare and list the home for sale. Leveraging Carrie's intimate knowledge of the neighborhood and her insight into the local real estate market, they made smart investments that promised a high return. With Carrie's guidance, the homeowner navigated through the process with ease, trusting in her organized and systematic approach.

Drawing upon Carrie's expertise in pricing strategy, they strategically positioned the home to attract potential buyers. The results were remarkable, with multiple showing requests flooding in and an offer exceeding expectations received within the first day of listing.

Thrilled with the outcome, the homeowner commended Carrie for her dependability, professionalism, and ability to deliver results. Their successful collaboration served as a testament to the power of preparation and strategic planning in order to achieve a seamless home-selling experience.

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