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Summer Vibes 🌊

Do we have your attention?

Are you daydreaming about vacation days spent on the beach?

Before you can get away, there is a little home prep that we recommend to ensure that you can breathe easy knowing your home is safe and secure while you are away too.

1) Unplug all small appliances.

2) Set a programmable timer for a light or two that will turn on each evening.

3) Arrange for mail collection by setting up a temporary hold at the post office, or with a neighbor to gather it for you. Don’t forget about any newspaper deliveries that come to you home as well.

4) Make a plan for fido or kitty or any other family pets while you are away. There are many wonderful local in home pet sitting services, or boarding facilities in our area.

5) No matter how rushed you are to get out the door for your trip, take a little time to tidy up, run the dishwasher, and make your beds. Re-entry will feel a little less stressful when you come home to a clean home.

Now relax, have fun, and make some wonderful summer memories!

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