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Under Contract in Vienna

Brought the Buyer, Negotiated a Home Inspection, Retained Appraisal:

What does all this mean?

I had a great checking in phone call with the #listingagent today, we were discussing the timeline and where we were in the process of my #Buyers purchasing his Seller's home.

And then he said something to me, so kind, so incredibly meaningful to me as a Realtor and as a #representativeofmyclients - he said that he encouraged his Sellers to take our offer so he could work with an agent like me, #professional, #invested, #dedicated to help get everyone to the finish line (#Closing) with ease.

In a competitive market like this one - THIS matters! That you have an agent, in your corner, on your team, fighting your fight to get YOUR offer accepted.

Even if it is

*not the highest

*still protects your buyers with the benefits of a Home Inspection

*still protects your buyers with the benefit of keeping the Appraisal Contingency in tact to ensure they pay fair market value


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