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Why STAGING Matters.

STAGING: What is it and does it matter?

Home staging is showcasing your home in its best light for potential buyers. It involves multiple steps customized for each home with a shared goal to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.

It almost always includes proper home preparation: decluttering, organizing, and repositioning furniture. In our local market, this also includes fresh paint and small home updates.

When possible, staging may also include physically bringing in staging pieces - furniture and decor - to present the home in the very best possible light.

Anecdotally, I see time and time again how properly presented homes (including capital improvements and staging) sell more quickly, for a higher price, and with better terms than homes that are not prepared and staged.

Take a look at our Before and Afters and decide for yourself. This home is sold while the unprepared homes are *still* sitting on the market.

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