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Work With a Realtor Who Plays Nice in the Sandbox

I work really hard for my clients, I am pretty sure they know that 😉 but maintaining strong relationships with my colleagues and fellow Realtors has always been a driving goal of mine as well.

This has become more important than ever during this very competitive season for our buyers. I am proud of the way I communicate and the rapport I establish with the agents on the other side of the sale. This truly is a relationship business, in all facets.

Receiving a review from the Listing Agent is such a culmination of all that goes in to every part of this job.

"Last month, I had the pleasure of working with Carrie Pellegrino and wanted to let you know how lucky you are to have someone as wonderful as she is as part of your Platinum Group team! She was professional, kind, hardworking, organized, great with communication and most importantly fought for and advocated for her buyer clients.

My sellers received 11 incredibly strong and close offers on their beautiful Purcellville property in 24 hours. Carrie's was the 2nd offer to come through and it was very strong and extremely clean. Carrie kept in communication with me all day checking in and reassuring me that her clients were very serious and how much this was their absolute dream home. She requested her Lender call me to assure my sellers and me how financially qualified the Buyers were and she took her time to tell me about their situation and what she would do to ensure a smooth road to closing. Carrie and her Lender even dropped off a pie and a lovely note at my home for the Sellers as Carrie remembered me telling her that the Sellers and I were meeting there that evening there to discuss all offers. What a thoughtful touch!

Carrie's clients did not end up being the highest offer; in fact we received an all cash offer at a higher price right before the offer deadline. But she made my clients and me feel so comfortable and confident, that they ultimately chose to move forward with her clients! And they never doubted their decision!

We closed last Monday and my Sellers were over the moon happy with the way the entire process went and the contract terms they received. This was certainly an emotional sale for my Sellers and they truly loved knowing that an amazing family will love and appreciate all they built and will create beautiful memories there just as they did. And I thank Carrie for conveying that so openly to me from the beginning.

I had a pretty wonderful relationship with my clients already and having Carrie represent the other side of the transaction was the icing on the cake! My clients were so impressed by Pearson Smith and the caliber of agents that we have and it definitely left a positive impact on them. I could not have asked for a better experience and so welcome the opportunity to work with Carrie again in the future!

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