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Today is our day to CELEBRATE!

In February of 2019, the owner of our brokerage challenged my team at their annual awards celebration to close 1 Billion Dollars in real estate sales volume.

We are pretty sure that he was just kidding, but our team leaders took it to heart!

We started using hashtags like #pgbilliondollar challenge and #pgbilliondollarimpact. For months and months (and months) we would report our progress at each team meeting with a pie chart graphic. Green represented what we had accomplished and red was the amount yet to go. It seemed like forever with red being the majority of graphic.

It was a sweet, sweet day when our pie chart had more green than red, meaning we were half way to our goal. From that point on we could feel the momentum and everything seemed to fast forward.

We did it!!! From the inception of our team in mid 2015 to the end of December 2021, our team has closed over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in residential real estate! Not only did we take our broker’s challenge to heart, but we completed it!

Even better, this billion dollars in real estate sold represents serving 2,543 families with their real estate needs … AMAZING!

This has truly been a remarkable experience, and tonight our team will celebrate with our Billion Dollar CELEBRATION!

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