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SOLD ... with a Story!

This episode of Sold with a Story is a good one!

I first met this buyer at an Open House for a property I was selling in this neighborhood. She was very well versed in the Real Estate market, spending almost the whole year prior exploring neighborhoods, saving, and preparing for her first home purchase.

She had visited a lot of Open Houses in that time and had met a lot of other real estate agents, but we really clicked! After our meeting, we scheduled a phone call, I introduced her to my lender, and we met for a thorough Buyer Consultation.

With her finances in order and a deep understanding of Virginia contracts, we became laser focused on finding her perfect first home.

She found a home she wanted to submit an offer on - it was competitive and although we could have "won", we worked to establish our valuation of the home and she knew her maximum limits. After letting that one get away (pro tip - I have *never* had a buyer not end up in exactly the home they were meant to be in) we found it was great practice in composing and submitting an offer. The timing could not have been better because HER home hit the market the following week.

Poised and ready, we composed a smart and solid offer that compelled the Sellers to sign our contract on Day 1 and cancel the planned Open House.

In just a few short weeks, my first time home buyer moved into her flawless [almost] brand new condo! Perfect home, perfect client, perfect lending, perfect story!

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