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Why Experience Matters

Within *hours* of hitting the market, we received a terrific offer to purchase this home.

How did this happen?

It was not a matter of luck 🍀 nor that the market is just hot 🔥.


This is experience at work. We did all 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 right 👏🏼 things 👏🏼 that allowed my sellers to achieve their goals (sell the home quickly, at a great price and terms)

What are the things?

1) Preparation. Buyers are seeking well prepared homes. This did not mean gutting the kitchen or whole house renovations, but it did mean careful decisions to make improvements to the home that MAXIMIZE ROI - small investments with BIG RESULTS.

2) Presentation. Buyers are also drawn to well-presented homes. This means, a solid Coming Soon campaign to pre-book appointments - we had 4 appointments before we were even Active or had photos posted. It also means skilled photography and impeccable staging.

3) Pricing. We have been analyzing the comparable properties and watching the market in the weeks leading up to listing the home for sale to ensure we priced the home appropriately. Appropriately means a number that will allow sellers to reach their goals (see above) and not some pie 🥧 in the sky ☁️ unrealistic number.

Who you work with matters. Right before our property listed, 2 other similar homes were listed for sale and did not achieve the same results!

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